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Online Courses

...offer our own online trainings that take place depending on the course live as well as on-demand.


...regularly launch free interactive webinars where our trainers share their knowledge and experience.


...collaborate with universities by teaching subjects or simply by doing seminars.

Bespoke Trainings trainings for companies with specific concerns related to composite.

Composite Materials

Monocoque Design

Electric Lab


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All trainers have the skills to deliver an engaging training session, keeping the focus on the learning goal and sharing their knowledge on composite materials, which they have acquired in previous experiences in companies like McLaren, Koenigsegg and Prodrive.

Lluc Martí

CEO at Managing Composites

Alejandro Batan

CPO at Managing Composites

Eneko Angulo

COO at Managing Composites

Pol Suriñach

Chief Engineer at Managing Composites

Marc Oliva

Lead Design Engineer at Managing Composites

Eduardo Nicolás

Project Manager at Managing Composites

Aitana López

Design Engineer at Managing Composites

Ignacio Carranza

CAE Manager at Managing Composites


Giada Pozzoli

Composites Engineer at Eligio Re Fraschini

"They allowed me to start having a more in depth knowledge of this endless world. The courses provided me with a nice and solid basis to deeply understand, how to design with composites and also to be more aware of the production process."

Nicolás Vilar

Head of Prototype Design at SIC CARAGE AG

"The composite materials course offered by The Native Lab has been the best course on the subject I have done so far. Previously, I had never been able to access that valuable information."

Diego Gudiel

Design Engineer at Hyundai Motorsport

"The Native Lab's ourses allowed me to learn about themethods and workflow used in the design offices of the highest level companiesin the automotive industry, which I am currently applying in the motorsportindustry. All the knowledge and experience that The Native Lab offers issomething, in my opinion, unprecedented and invaluable."

Thomas Leonard

Mechanical Engineer at Scuderia Ferrari F1

"Quality content shared by teachers with a lot of experience from reputable companies like McLaren and Koenigsegg An easy-to-use interface and all video lessons accessible on demand."


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