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  • Total of 16 Hours

  • 8 Registered Live Sessions (2h)

Course Syllabus

In this course you'll learn about...

    1. About the Course

    2. The Native Lab

    3. Practical Information

    4. Disclaimer

    5. Catia Basig Settings Guide

    6. Additional Reading Material (Bibliography)

    1. Class01 Recording - Organizing the Design

    2. Class01 Presentation - Organizing the Design

    3. Brake Assy.stp

    1. Class02 Recording - Solids I: Function Based Design

    2. Class02 Presentation - Solids I: Function Based Design

    3. Brake Calliper Support (stp & CATPart)

    4. Tree Structure Snips (for stp)

    1. Class03 Recording - Solids II: Booleans

    2. Class03 Presentation - Solids II: Booleans

    3. Wheel Hub (stp & CATPart)

    1. Class04 Recording - Surfaces I: Tools & Operations

    2. Class04 Presentation - Surfaces I: Tools & Operations

    1. Class05 Recording - Surfaces II: Designing a Real Life Part

    2. Class05 Presentation - Surfaces II: Designing a Real Life Part

    3. F1 Rear Impact Structure_Inputs (stp)

About this course

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In this course you will learn with

Marc Oliva

Lead Design Engineer

Design engineer specialized in composite materials. Significant experience designing carbon fibre structures in the automotive sector. Understanding the properties and manufacturing process of the material you work with is key to achieving an optimised, lightweight design at minimum cost. Quality starts with a good design.

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